Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An OCD dream!

I've got a bit of a headache, probably as a result of staring non-stop at a computer screen all day. I've had to buy a novel I need for research as a PDF, and I'm not enjoying the experience of reading it on the computer. The bright screen is making my eyes go round in circles.

I am working at the speed of light, sometimes with as many as six emails going at one time. September has arrived, everyone's coming back from their holidays and it seems there's much admin as a result. 

Whilst not reading online books or dealing with waves of virtual paper work, I've been tidying the living room. Proper tidying it. I even bought "Shake and Vac", which means I may well have entered some kind of portal to the 1980s. We've found a shop on our street which sells cleaning products. Nothing but cleaning products. t's an OCD sufferer's dream. All the shelves are stacked with everything you could ever imagine a caretaker needing; mop heads, curious brushes, buckets, yellow hazard signs, dusters, tea towels, massive vats of carpet shampoo, sprays, varnishes, resins, waxes... Fabulous. 

So now my living room smells of vanilla and lavender and all sorts of chemical-edged scents which have been threatening to choke me all day. 

Cleaning our house is like cleaning the Forth Bridge and I'm terrified that the wonderful things I've done in the kitchen and bathroom will be reversed before I've got my hands on the bedroom, hall and loft. I'm finally beginning to appreciate my mother's remarkable ability to keep our house clean throughout my childhood. How did she do it?!

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