Sunday, 1 September 2013


I've been very boring today, so boring, in fact, that I'm contemplating writing about the death of David Frost, whose career has basically made no impact on my life! By the time I'd entered the world, he'd merely become the man who presented "Through the Keyhole." My father's generation would view him as an acerbic slayer of men. 

I've read a book: one of those annoying books which alternates between being fascinating and desperately dull in a hugely unpredictable manner, thus making it impossible to skim read! 

I drove across London this afternoon to pick up the videos we made for the Four Colours EP. Hazel, the editor, was working in Shoreditch, and the fastest route home took me along the Holloway Road during an Arsenal match, which is a bit like Old Compton Street during Gay Pride, except with seventeen times the testosterone and 1063 more beer guts! 

The videos look stupendous and I am so grateful to Hazel (the editor) and Rob (the cameraman) who worked so so hard on this project for no money whatsoever. The joy about this recording, in fact, is that everyone on it has worked for nothing but the love of the charity, and, one hopes, the music.

I'm having discussions with Tesco about last Wednesday's in-store debacle and we're trying to decide on an appropriate financial recompense, which will, of course, be invested into my next musical project. 

I've actually been hugely impressed by the way they've dealt with the matter, holding their hands up and acknowledging that what happened was unfortunate to say the least. It's genuinely gratifying that they've taken things so seriously. 

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