Monday, 16 December 2013


I've just trudged my way through miserable rain to one of the fancy houses up near Waterlow Park where I hand-delivered a copy of the requiem to one of the two people who bought it as a result of our leafleting. I remain upbeat. I needed to sell five to cover the costs, but our work has meant that at least two people who wouldn't otherwise have heard the work are being introduced to it, and this is a good thing indeed.

I also had a very lovely Christmas card from the lady I was rude to when handing out the fliers. She said she was looking forward to hearing the CD and graciously forgave me for my outburst.

This evening I continued my way through the gales to the Hangar in North Greenwich, where my friends Moira and Alex were running and performing in an astonishing Circus cabaret. It was really quite remarkable. Brilliant pumping music accompanied really well-conceived, dark, sexual acts, which were full of jeopardy, eastern promise and a smattering of nudity. Throw in a beautiful yellow snake, a number of astonishingly fit women, a shed-load of fire and an electronic harp, and you have all the ingredients necessary for a wonderful evening. There was a kind of rawness to the performances, which made everything just that little bit more terrifying. I was expecting some of the aerial performers to quite literally drop out of the sky at certain points. Dazzling.

The Hangar is a schlep for any North Londoner, and my journey there involved a walk, two tubes, an epic walk and a bus, and on my way home, a taxi, a walk and a night bus. Every bit worth the effort, however. Bravo Moira and Alex!

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