Monday, 9 December 2013


I had osteopathy this morning and my osteopath's tutor was invited into the session to give me the once over. Before he arrived, he was described as the "Yoda" of the British School of Osteopathy, which I assumed was some kind of reference to Star Wars. I've never seen a Star Wars film (the first one came out in 1978, the same year as Grease, Saturday Night Fever and ABBA the Movie, so guess what I was watching?!) It is, however, astonishing how much it's possible to pick up from the wider media. There's a little green fella on adverts for a mobile phone network who talks English with German word order, who could well be this Yoda chap. Despite his looking like Fungus the Bogeyman and talking like a little deaf person, I think the character is meant to be incredibly wise, which would make calling someone "Yoda" a compliment rather than an insult. I think...

Anyway, Yoda tutor came in and basically made my back sound like one of those wooden things they used to wave at 1950s football matches. Were they called ratchets? The process made me giggle like a school boy and now I feel decidedly fragile, which I'm taking as a positive thing.

I met Michelle of the Turkie for our customary mushroom and Stilton bun and catch up, and went home via King's Cross, where I met Abbie and drank my fifth pot of tea of the day, which made me wee like a cow!

I seem to be struggling to find the motivation and time to do any work on Brass at the moment and I'm going up to see Nathan in Yorkshire on Wednesday for the rest of the week, so if I'm to meet my targets by the end of the month, I'll have to pull something astonishing out of the bag. I suspect everyone is winding down for Christmas at the moment, but I'll need to swim against this particular tide!

But when will I do my Christmas shopping? It's a deep quandary! I'm really not ready for Christmas this year and it seems to be coming rather speedily.

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