Friday, 13 June 2014

Water wall

We've been having terrible trouble with the wall behind our house. Our neighbours, whom I recently discovered are the type who have strange Eastern European women permanently cleaning their flats, continue to use some kind of irrigation system to water their garden. The water, therefore, continues to flow through the wall, the stench of rancidity is becoming intense and there are now massive mosquitoes flying around the puddles forming underneath. Haringey council have been informed but they continue to drag their feet. Apparently, when dealing with them, you have to be deeply unpleasant, sarcastic and somewhat threatening. The softly, softly, terribly nice approach only ends up with them saying "sorry, this is out of our jurisdiction." I discovered this to my cost some weeks ago. In the meantime, the wall is starting to look really quite perilous. I keep emailing the council to let them know that if the wall collapses, I consider them to be responsible, and at some point, someone will be forced to take notice...

I went to see a theatrical agent this morning. I'm beginning to think the time might have arrived to go down that particular route, if not just to have an intermediary figure who supports me, and is able to be a bastard on my behalf when the shit hits the fan. I would far rather someone thought of me as a lovely person with a nasty agent, rather than as a bloke who occasionally loses his cool and sends out shirty emails in the middle of the night. With an agent, I can put much more effort into dealing with turds at Haringey council!

I worked in Soho for a few hours after my meeting, went to the gym and then continued working in my favourite cafe in Tufnell Park before opting to walk home - up the astonishingly steep and unrelenting hill to Highgate, where I worked some more.

I am writing this blog entry whilst half-heartedly watching Hillary Clinton in an interview with Jeremy Paxman. She is coming across as an intelligent, shrewd, candid and hugely impressive person. I seriously hope she stands for the presidency, and further more that she becomes the first female president of the US. The world might have a future if this happens!

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