Monday, 2 June 2014

What day off?

Nathan and I have spent Nathan's day off trying to edit a little sample film about Soho as a pitch for Channel 4. We shot it on a summer night about two years ago when, it seemed, an almost inexhaustible supply of freaks were out and about.  It's all very rough and ready - both the material and our editing process - but I think there's definitely something exciting lurking within. A bit of a polish, a lot more research, some plucky camera men, and I think we could be onto a winner. It's certainly an idea which fills me with great excitement, which is always a good starting point.

They say a change is a good as a rest and the day off from Brass has definitely been good for me, although the idea of going back to the seemingly endless orchestrations is filling me with dread. I've got homework tummy; that sinking feeling I used to get as a child watching the Antiques Roadshow when I realised I hadn't prepped for double science in the morning! I have a target of completing two songs a week, which is something I need to maintain throughout June if I'm to deliver everything by the end of the month, which is my target.

We had lunch at the greasy spoon and then did our weekly shop at Sainsbury's in Muswell Hill. I was quite horrified (as I often am) with their selection of vegetarian frozen food. One tiny little shelf in an enormous wall of freezers is far worse than the tiny deli we live above. To make matters worse, it's Sainbury's policy to display their frozen "free from" range (that's the wheat and gluten free stuff) alongside the vegetarian food. Unfortunately, the assumption for a vegetarian who sees something which says "free from" in a green box is that it's meat free. Imagine my confusion therefore to see "Sainsbury's Free From Fish Fingers." Surely any veggie would assume that it was free from fish? No, says Sainabury's, it's free from "gluten, dairy and wheat, but it's our policy to display it next to the vegetarian food!" Brilliant!

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