Sunday, 21 September 2014


We woke up rather late today. The debacle with the police searching for Mr Machete lasted rather long than we'd hoped last night, and we stood for almost an hour at the entrance to the alleyway behind our house whilst a policeman arrived with an excitable German Shepherd dog whose task became to search every garden in the terrace. It all became rather entertaining when one of our neighbours heard a commotion in her yard and sent her own dog out to investigate. There was obviously some sort of dog-off which was only resolved after a lot of shouting between dog owners! Exciting biting.

Anyway, as we might have predicted, it came to naught, and we were finally allowed back into our house feeling rather bleary-eyed at 4am!

I spent the afternoon working on another pitch. The third this week. I'm turfing them out like sweeties at a pantomime at the moment. They're a necessary evil. The more pitches you create the more likely one of them is to be picked up.

In the late afternoon, we drove across London to Julie and Sam's house for a bit of R and R. Julie made a delicious potato salad and we put the world to rights whilst catching up on a fairly eventful summer, and our general plans involving life, love and liaisons.  Sam's Matt appeared as if by magic at the end of the evening. I last saw him in the journey back from Derbyshire and it was lovely to see his sunny face again. That trip feels like forever ago. Brass, a honeymoon and the big 4 oh have all happened since. Actually it's only a month and a half since we saw each other.

We drove back through the Blackwall Tunnel which is a curiously wiggly affair. Surely it would have made a great deal more sense to build a tunnel which went directly from A to B?

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