Monday, 1 September 2014


I'm sitting with Nathan and Cindy in our relatively tidy sitting room watching the X Factor on iPlayer. We're actually watching it on itvplayer, but I refuse to acknowledge this particular system because it's rubbish.

We've basically been tidying the house all day and have dispatched about eight bin bags of carefully sifted rubbish into various recycling bins across the capital. We threw away as much as we possibly could. Tomorrow I'm going to become even more ruthless and throw away about half of my possessions!

Our house is full of moths. We're gonna kill them all. They're chowing down on all of Nathan's beautiful knitted objects. They must therefore die. Horrifically if needs be.

I bought two wooden boxes from Homebase yesterday which we've filled with mementos from our wedding and Brass; cards, photographs, little gifts, pieces of music, dried button holes... It was lovely to look through everything again, particularly the wedding stuff, which has been in a giant pile in our bedroom. We found cards from Michael Stipe and Katie Melua, and, of course, all the lovely messages and letters from friends and family.

We briefly stopped tidying the house to have lunch at the Cafe Rouge in Highgate. We'd found some tokens for the restaurant in a pile somewhere and thought how lovely it would be to treat Cindy to a decent meal.

I ate a tart, and then had another tart for pudding. It was pretty decent food, although some tart in the kitchen stuck a load of coriander in the tossed leaf salad. I can taste that shit a mile off and had to spit an entire mouthful of food into a napkin as soon as my teeth made contact with the evil herb.

After eating we went onto the Heath and sat on blankets watching the bright green parakeets flapping through the bright blue sky whilst drinking bright orange fizzy pop. It was nice to be back on the Heath after an entire month away from London.

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