Monday, 15 September 2014

Caution resolved

I didn't sleep a wink last night. I lay in bed tossing and turning with a busy head, periodically going into the sitting room and watching a bit of telly before going back to bed again. I watched with horror as the hours flitted past. I saw 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, and then finally fell asleep watching breakfast telly, whilst the sun rose outside. Jet lag is a strange thing isn't it?

I've spent the day hustling. I have work to take me through to the end of the year, but will obviously need something beyond that time. There are various ideas in discussion, and even more projects which I am trying to get off the ground on the basis that only one in ten projects in this industry actually flies. I seem to spend much of my life creating pitching documents. It's a hazard of the job.

Fiona came to see us late this afternoon and we walked in the early autumn sunshine up to Highgate Village and down through the Heath to Kentish Town where we had a meal at Stingray.

The Heath looked rather glorious. The sun was setting into a milky cloud, and streaks of pastel orange and yellow were stretching across the horizon. At one point a sun corona appeared behind a cloud, like a little blurred rainbow. We stopped for a while and watched swimmers bathing in the men's pond. There was something about the soft, warm light which made everything look rather inviting. I wanted to be in the water myself until Fiona pointed out how cold it would have been.

We had pasta and potato skins in Stingray, and then walked up Dartmouth Park Hill and back home to watch the new drama about Cilla
Black, which we all enjoyed rather a lot.

I suspect I will sleep well tonight based on how utterly tired I am. We heard from our lovely commissioning editor at Channel 4 about the iTunes "caution" on our wedding film. He was incredibly fast to act, and horrified at what had happened. It actually turns out that the re-arrival of the warning message came as a result of an admin error on Channel 4's part. Apparently a new rule means that all shows with a 15 rating need to be listed with a caution, but for some reason all PG rated content was mistakenly also issued with a caution. Our film was rated PG (Channel 4 reserve U for their children's programmes) so when the error was pointed out, the caution was lifted.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted on our behalf. Channel 4 have  apologised profusely and John Hay, our commissioner, has pointed out to those responsible how genuinely destructive an error like that could have been.

So all is sorted. Hurrah!

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