Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I woke up this morning feeling an almost complete lack of motivation, and had to give myself a stern talking to at about 10am when I'd achieved nothing but watching two episodes of the Big Bang Theory!

I spent the morning working on The Man In the Straw Hat, and then the afternoon and evening writing my lecture for the kids at Gordonstoun School. We're calling it: "Should real people sing - the journey to Our Gay Wedding." It feels rather remarkable to be going into a top private school, which will no doubt be filled with future prime ministers and business leaders, to talk openly about a gay wedding. When I was at school, Clause 28 meant that homosexuality couldn't even be discussed by teachers. What an astonishing amount of progress we've made in just 25 years. I feel very proud to be British. If Nathan and I went into a school in Russia and delivered the same lecture, we would instantly be arrested...

A woman on the television appears to be cooking a lobster at the moment. She's repeatedly hitting a claw with hammer and the claw is shattering into thousands of pieces. I genuinely can't understand how this can be considered as food. I have never eaten shell-fish. I can't really imagine how it must taste. I last ate meat at the age of seven, and think I can remember the texture and possible taste of chicken, bacon, sausages, fish fingers and tins of mince meat. I get some of those flavours muddled up with halloumi cheese nowadays, which I've always insisted tastes just like bacon, much to Nathan's great annoyance.

We're now watching Sue Perkins travelling up the Mekong River, in what's shaping up to be a rather enjoyable documentary. She's incredibly charming. In fact, I think she's fast becoming a national treasure. She is, however, having to eat lots of fish with the people she's meeting. I'd be useless doing her job...

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