Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pubs and gothic churches

We've just returned from a charming pub in King's Cross where we were celebrating Fiona's 40th birthday. We were in an upstairs room with beautiful sash windows looking over York Way. Lovely food. Great company; people I'd not seen for far too long and wonderful surprises like Nicky and Vic, and Vicky and Nick and Victoria... (Sensing the theme?) PK was there with Liv. And Julian and Carla, and Gillon (telling me he wanted the vows from our wedding released as a single so he could listen to them every day... ) And then a heap of old music school friends from Northampton. It was the best reunion.

In the afternoon, we went to a splendid Victorian high gothic church in Earl's Court to see Abbie in a piece which explored the memories of children in the Second World War. Nathan made me giggle: "did they misread the memo about World War One?" It was actually a little refreshing to hear about the other war for a change after being bombarded by the 14-18 conflict for the past year.

Abbie was stunning. Her monologue was a direct transcript of the memories of a local woman who was one of the few children in the area who was not evacuated. It was beautifully staged and very moving at times. It was also rather lovely to hear her singing We'll Meet Again in her rich, fruity alto voice.

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