Tuesday, 4 November 2014

We won... Again!!

There was a spectacular sunset in London today. We emerged from the gym to find the entire sky ablaze. It genuinely looked like the clouds were on fire. Bright orange. The colour of a pumpkin. Stunning.

The gym was tough. I'm back on a healthy-eating, gym-bunny kick, but there's something wrong with the inside of my foot which makes running rather painful.

We came home from the gym and speedily got ourselves changed into glad rags. It was the Grierson Awards tonight, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall; one of those industry awards where no one quite knows what to wear. Both of us eventually opted for the dressed-down suit look. It's always best to try to look like you're not fussed if you lose or win!

Fortunately we won! We are now the official and hugely proud winners of the Grierson Award for best entertaining documentary. Heaven knows how we did it. We even beat Gogglebox!

We were a little more prepared in terms of speeches. My task was easy. I simply made a joke about having been nominated for a Grierson in 2008 and not wanting to be a bridesmaid at my own wedding!  I think I then tapped the statuette on the head and said "and I finally got my man" before tapping Nathan and saying "and in the process, finally got this man!" Nathan's bit of the speech was much more considered and political, and got a brilliant response from everyone in the audience. I got the impression we were a popular win and afterwards hoards of people came rushing up to us to congratulate us, many of whom had been on the voting panel.

I can't really remember much about going up onto the stage. I remember, as the clips from all the nominations were being shown, thinking it rather odd that a television camera was in my face. I was practising my "never mind" look, thinking they were merely filming me as a gracious loser, and then Micky Flanagan was announcing that we'd won! I floated onto stage and then floated off again... That's genuinely all I remember!

The highlight of the night was probably meeting Sue Perkins, who threw her arms around us and said what we'd done was important and how proud she was of us and our film. We obviously told her that we were massive fans of Bake Off, and that we had been since before it had gone mainstream! I also reminded Sue that I'd done her autocue 100 or so years ago.

All in all it was a wonderful evening. We hung out with the team from Educating Yorkshire, and probably would have danced the night away with them, and a host of other people, had it not been for the fact that Nathan is up early in the morning!

We got a taxi back to North London with some of the team. I'd not taken a taxi in London for so many years that it all felt rather decadent. Instead of taking it all the way home, we got out on Swain's Lane and walked home through Highgate Village, which seemed remarkably calm in the still evening air. Hurrah for life. Really!

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