Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy new year

Happy New Year to you all! We're hosting a little dinner party at our house in forty minutes' time. We're still in the car and we haven't tidied the house or cooked any food. Oh well!

We've been in Huntingdonshire all day. I refuse to acknowledge that Huntingdonshire no longer exists as an official entity. It was a perfectly decent county before it was brutally annexed by Cambridgeshire, so until it can do a Rutland and regain its independence I'm going to make out like I didn't get the memo that it was no longer a place!

We were in Huntington celebrating Nathan's god daughter's birthday, who is wildly unfortunate enough to have been born on New Year's Eve. She's 9 today. It only seems like yesterday that she was born. Where do the years go?

We had dinner in a Bella Italia. I had a veggie lasagne, which wasn't bad, all things considered. There was tea, cake and chatted back at Lisa and Mark's house.

Tonight's soirée will feature a select gathering of close friends. We'll play games, eat baked potatoes, and drink in the new year. I'm not altogether sure I'm ready for 2014 to leave us. It's been good for both of us.

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