Friday, 26 December 2014


We're in Kent. We drove all the way down here from North Wales this morning and arrived at about 3pm. It wasn't a bad journey, although I got caught short somewhere on the M6 where there are no service stations. I ended up having to take a wee on the hard shoulder whilst numerous cars beeped their horns at me! Mortifying.

We're at my cousin Neil's house, somewhere in the countryside near Maidstone. An enormous bunch of descendants of my grandparents have gathered to spend Boxing Day together and Nathan and I are representing the Till clan. We had a huge curry for lunch and a massive game of gender non-specific Mr and Mrs, which was won by my cousin's daughter and her step sister. Nathan and I came third. We were actually the highest place married couple. Second place went to the twins.

We sat down to watch cine footage of our family in the 1960s, including extended sequences of the much-fabled house my great grandmother lived in on the Isle of Wight. It had an eight-acre garden with lawns and woods and streams which stretched down to its own private beach. My Mum can't talk about Ventnor without going a little misty-eyed, and this is the first time I've ever seen film footage of it. It was really quite moving. And such a beautiful house.

There was also cine footage of my Grandparents at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. They were quite the adventurers in their middle age, and there were even shots of her meeting  the England players and wandering onto the pitch post game!

At the end of the night we watched Our Gay Wedding The Musical, which again felt rather special surrounded by four generations of my family.

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