Monday, 1 December 2014

Second post

It appears we've had two posts today. Can this be possible? I thought they stopped doing a second post some years ago. Unless they've re-introduced the concept for December and the Christmas post?

Nathan and I returned to the house at 4pm today after a visit to the gym and found a post man walking up the steps to our house. Perhaps he was a curious imposter. Maybe he wanted to nick our washing?

I made a start on the Brass songs this morning, returning to my scores and making sure they were marked up with all the mega-cuts I'd made in the technical rehearsal. Once all these cuts have been put into the scores, I can then start thinking about what the musicians will play in the recording sessions in early January.

Fiona arrived at lunchtime today. I received a text from her saying, "I'm in the Woodman pub drinking a Bloody Mary... Because I can!" She's finally finished all her touring commitments for the year, and is determined to wind down.

I sort of feel the same way, but the Oranges and Lemons and Brass recordings mean I'm going to need to work even harder through December than I probably would have done had I had a full-time job! It's a little insane.

I realise I'm a bit stressed as I go to bed. I sat down this evening to go through my receipts for last year's tax, which has been hanging over me like a bad smell for some months now. I emptied my receipt drawer onto the sitting room carpet and thousands of pieces of flimsy paper fell out, which I spent the next four hours sifting through, until the repetition of picking up a receipt, circling the date and the amount, and putting them in one of about 90 piles, started to make me panic!

I've downed tools for the night now and am determined to spend the last hour before bed not thinking about receipts, or Oranges and Lemons or anything for that matter!

Where's a Sue Perkins documentary about the Mekong River when you need one?!

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