Saturday, 24 January 2015


...So, I appear to have spent the entire day working on an application to the Arts Council, and I'm still not done!

The one positive aspect in this is that the form-filling is focussing my mind, and making me determined to make the project happen.

That said, when I tried to read out everything I'd written to Nathan, I suddenly became engulfed by a wave of utter futility. I think there's officially a one in four chance of receiving a grant, and because our contact at the Arts Council is away until the end of the month, there's no one to advise us on the content of the application form before we're forced to sling it in. I should have thought to do this before Christmas... They take six weeks to make a decision.

I guess I'm just knackered and bored... and wishing I could have spent the day doing, well, anything else...

It's been freezing cold today, and a brief excursion to the local cafe for a plate of beans on toast was a somewhat frosty affair. I rushed home and buried myself under a blanket.

Aside from this, I've nothing else to report. Is the very definition of narcissism persisting in writing about yourself even when you have nothing to say?! Actually, don't answer that question. I know the answer...

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