Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Soup and potatoes

There's really nothing interesting to say about today. I have stayed indoors without heading out all day. I slept in until 11am. I watched telly. I managed to eat some boiled potatoes with a couple of peas at 4pm. I boiled some more potatoes at 6pm. I realised I was incredibly dehydrated at 9pm, so ate some soup. I haven't been sick today. That's a bonus. I've also started to feel hungry, which I see as a good sign. I have been aching all over, however. My neck, my chest, my legs. Aching like a little old man. In fact, reading back over this blog entry I wonder whether this is what being very old is like for many people. I saw an old codger on telly today who had two carers patronisingly applauding her for managing to stand up from an arm chair. Surely at that stage, when your friends are all dead and you feel like shit on a permanent basis, you must wonder why you carry on?

Fortunately my pain is temporary and another day's rest should have me feeling right as rain again.

I feel less optimistic about Ken Morley who seems to have made a bit of a tit of himself in the celebrity Big Brother house. Nathan worked with him on the Rocky Horror Show, and says he's a genuinely lovely person, a true live wire and a wonderfully funny man. Morley is accused of racism. Actually, from my perspective, I'd say he was guilty of nothing more than being a bit theatrical, a bit of an old duffer, and someone the media has decided to rip apart for the pleasure of blood-thirsty viewers and readers across the UK. I'm actually quite bored of these displays of fake moral outrage. Less than a week ago, 17 people were murdered in Paris by people who were entirely against freedom of speech. Yet, the irony is that, in our country, we've created a more underhand way of murdering those who take advantage of free speech, but say things we don't necessarily want to hear...

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