Thursday, 15 January 2015

Next to normal

I can feel myself almost back to normal. Almost. Not quite. There's still something not quite right. I've eased myself back into normal life. I did half a day's work, some form filling, a half-arsed gym workout and then came home and entered a peaceful coma whilst emails and Facebook messages poured in about this weekend's sessions. As usual with these things, it's a mixture of people with genuine problems, and those who are just faffing. I know people process things in different ways, but it is quite astonishing how high-maintenance and slightly lacking in initiative some people can be when faced with a series of rather simple instructions - and I know Ben the MD and Jeremy are kindly shielding me from all sorts of quibbles!

That said, poor Robyn in the cast messaged me today to say she was currently on a drip in hospital. That's what I call a problem! Astonishingly, she's still expecting to attend the session on Saturday, but is slightly worried she might faint or collapse!

On the other hand, I heard today that someone else might not be able to attend a session because he doesn't want to miss a double lesson at school... So you can see the breadth of issue that's been cropping up of late! There have also been issues with one of the studios dragging its heels over headphones, so all things considered, I'm sort of keeping my fingers crossed that things won't get any more complicated tomorrow. I'm certainly hoping Robyn feels a great deal better when she wakes up in the morning. Poor wee thing.

Fiona came to see us tonight, and I cooked another casserole, which she and Nathan had with chorizo fried in honey. I must say, I'm very much enjoying the concept of casserole at the moment. It's good for my tender tummy, and rather lovely for the time of year. I'm told chorizo is something which all vegetarians should try, although it looks absolutely horrifying.

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