Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cabin fever

I noticed earlier that Josh Widdicombe is currently doing publicity for his new sit com, which follows in a long line of slightly arch TV comedies featuring well-known comedians play heightened versions of themselves. Miranda, Simon Anstell, and the cast of Catastrophe, have all used their own names as the basis for fictional characters. It sits a little uncomfortably with me if I'm honest. It's one thing to tell a life story but quite something else to turn yourself into a character and place yourself in a variety of bizarre and ludicrous fictional situations. I have to ask myself what the purpose of doing this actually is? It's almost as though these comedians are acknowledging that they can't act for toffee and therefore that, in order to perform well, they need to "just be themselves". Except they're not being themselves are they? So why not just invent a character name and give acting a bash? I mean, Miranda always plays Miranda... Even when her character isn't called Miranda!

I have cabin fever again tonight, having sat, yet again, for twelve hours under a pair of headphones at the kitchen table. There's not much else to say, other than that I'm rather enjoying Adele's new song, Hello, which I see is at number one in every country in the world. That's pretty good going I'd say!

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