Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cally Road

Today we travelled to Caledonian Road for the first day of our workshop week on the mystery project. It was exhausting but entirely uplifting because we were finally able to sit in the presence of a roomful of people who are as keen to make the piece as successful as we are. There are few words to describe what a relief it is to share the burden with such talented people.

It was wonderful to work with a troupe of actors and to hear the words and music coming alive as they drifted out of their mouths. The cast are brilliant. Really lively and eccentric. And for the next week or so, just as we have, they have all been sworn to secrecy.

...and of course, because of this, I can't be at all specific about what we've been doing!

I had hummus, tomatoes and a French stick for lunch, from a little Co-op around the corner. Crumbs, it was a really exciting day, and all I can write about is the food I ate!

What I CAN say is that Our Gay Wedding: The Musical has been nominated for another award! This one is called the Rose D'or and would appear to be an incredibly prestigious international award. It seems remarkable to me that almost two years since we made the film, we're still receiving award nominations. As our commissioning editor wrote today in his congratulatory email: "if there were a prize for the shortest production period and longest awards run, you would definitely win it!"

We're up in the category of best Arts programme - against the Monty Pythons! Apparently a record number of programmes were entered for the awards this year. We won't win. We've had our fair share of wins.

But, it is thrilling to be nominated. We have had the most astounding awards season...

The nomination tally is as follows:
- 2 Guardian television awards (most innovative programme and TV moment of the year)
- Grierson award (most entertaining documentary) WON
- Broadcast Award (best music programme)
- RTS award (best Arts programme)
- BAFTA award (best specialist factual)
- Prix Italia (Performing Arts award) WON
- Rose D'Or (best Arts Programme)

...And all for getting married. #luckymen

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