Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fall Out 4

We've had another tiring day down on the Caledonian Road, working on our mystery project. It's so tiring that I can barely think by the end of the working day. Of course this is when all the meetings happen and you're expected to be on good form and in a brilliant mood. I'm always feeling shirty and impatient, so I snap and get sarky. I think people must think I'm on some sort of spectrum.

Still, things are slowly coming together. We're doing a little presentation tomorrow evening for an invited audience and we spent the day working on the material we've selected to perform for them. I think there's half an hour or so. Some of the music is really tricky but the actors are coping manfully.

I've just seen an advert on the telly for a computer game called "Fall Out 4" which appears to be set in a post-nuclear landscape. The advert shows a town being blasted by an atomic bomb, which I think is one of the most tasteless and distressing things I've ever witnessed. The game seems to involve people shooting each other up dressed in anti-radiation suits. I've never seen the point in computer games. They're plainly a complete waste of time and aimed at violent voyeurs who get bored to quickly. The adverts for the games always irritate me because whatever visuals they show are always run with the wording "not actual game footage." What's the bloody point in that? Surely people want to see what the game actually looks like? Mind you, the last computer game I played was PacMan, which was considerably more pixilated and basic than anything I've witnessed in those adverts!

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