Thursday, 16 June 2016

The devil is amongst us

It is 16.06.16, a date which appears to have three sixes in it, and I'd say the devil was almost certainly now amongst us. A Pandora's Box has been opened and it's become clear to me that a great many people in the UK need to take a good hard look at the bigoted filth they are posting, believing, repeating and promulgating.

There are few words to describe my shock, anger and sadness about the death of MP, Jo Cox, who was assassinated whilst doing her job, in her own constituency, by one of the nut job, Britain First supporters who have screamed and wailed their evil hatred for far too long now.

It is time the British people started to refuse to be dragged into politics based on divide and rule. It's time for us to see through the layers of propaganda. It's time for the anger and hatred to end.

I didn't know Jo Cox. She was elected a long time after my involvement with the Labour Party ended, but she was considered to be one of the good ones. She was a proud, popular, brave Yorkshire lass who fought to support Syrian refugees. She worked for anti-Slavery campaigns and spent her Christmasses working with underprivileged kids in the Balkans. She was a kind woman who believed that Britain ought to remain in Europe. The image which just about finished me off was the sight of her handbag lying on the pavement. I don't quite know why it hit me so hard. I suppose it felt like a relic of a life.

To think that the last thing she heard were the repellent words "Put Britain First" is both insulting and ironic.

I sincerely hope her death will not turn out to have happened in vain.

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