Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Writers' block

I've had a bit of a depressing and nondescript day. The weather's been rubbish, and I came back to earth in London after the joys of Northamptonshire with a bit of a hefty bump. I need to find a job and I've got a bit of writers' block. If I'm honest, I still feel I'm mopping up after the experience of Beyond the Fence, which genuinely knocked the stuffing out of me. Nathan was very kind and supportive this evening and spent a couple of hours at the piano with me working through the two songs I've written for my new musical. He's incredibly good at steering and shaping the inherent drama of a song. Some people have funny bones. Nathan's bones are made of little cells of musical theatre. As a result of our session, I feel more focussed and confident about what I'm doing. I certainly have a clearer idea about where the music needs to go and the flaws in the lyrics I've written. I still need to find a job, though. That doesn't change.

I don't really know what else happened today. I went to osteopathy and had my last session with my present student osteopath who graduates next week. My back felt like something I made out of balsa wood in technology when I was twelve in 1986. I came home, cancelled a Skype interview with someone who wanted to talk to me about a project which I plainly wasn't right for, and then met young Harrison from the cast of Brass who is randomly rehearsing a play at Jackson's Lane at the moment. He drank coke. I drank tea. Nathan drank some kind of bizarre a fizzy drink with a straw. I bet it was gipping.

We had beans on toast for lunch. God this is dull. And then went to the gym. Boring. Then to Sainsbury's. Living the dream. I pushed the boat out and bought myself a jelly for pudding. Could life get any better? Yes, it could, because I ate the jelly with my tea in front of the TV whilst Nathan knitted a cowl. Rock. 'n. Roll!

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