Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How big?!

I've had another day jam-packed with formatting scores and creating this mega piano reduction of the Nene composition. On and on it seemed to go, and then the process of making it all look neat and tidy took another lifetime. There's always a quandary when it comes to creating a piano vocal score. Do you make the dots large and totally legible to even the oldest pair of eyes? Or do you try to limit the number of potential page turns and make the music a little smaller on the page. I spent at least half an hour today auditioning different sizes, printing out a page here and a page there. I went for safety in the end. I could hear the accompanist messing up and blaming the fact she couldn't see the music. Of course what will now happen is that there are so many pages of music that they'll all fall off the piano and everyone will blame me anyway.

These are the sorts of pathetic things which worry a composer on a daily basis. It's not all about sitting at a piano with a pencil behind your ear and a buff-coloured sheet of manuscript in front of you!

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