Friday, 1 September 2017

Onwards and upwards

There's nothing really to say about today. I had jet lag in the night so was exhausted when I woke up, and, shockingly, I haven't left the house. I'm in hibernation mode. I applied for a scheme and then literally spent the rest of the day tying to get my head around the shedload of music I have to learn for shul on Saturday. Pages and pages. None of the words make any form of sense to me. I haven't been this stressed about learning material since I performed A Ronne by Berio in 1995!

In other news, I have started applying for jobs which will take me out of the world of writing musical theatre. It's been a decision I haven't particularly enjoyed making, and, until the end of the year, I'm slightly seeing where the wind blows me. If some writing work comes in, great. If some part-time teaching comes in, even better, but if a half-decent sounding, full-time job away from the creative arts pops up which would give me a pension and some security, I think I'd be foolish not to go for it. No one can say I haven't given musical theatre my absolute best shot, and, if I were ten years younger, I could probably do another five years without earning properly, but this year has not be kind to me financially, and, at a certain point, I have to start thinking about the future. And I have to be able to feel proud about what I do again. This industry has a horrible habit of making you feel like a beggar.

So, watch this space. And if anyone hears of any job opportunities which they think might suit me, please give me a shout. I suspect I may have to think a little out of the box to avoid working as a Saturday morning check out girl in Tescos. I suspect my qualifications and job experience are a little too specific to naturally open a huge number of doors.

Onwards and upwards!

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