Friday, 22 November 2013


I’m feeling a little blue today. I’m sure it’s something to do with the weather, missing Nathan, and the fact that I seem to have woken up with a nasty cold. I feel very lethargic and can’t bring myself to get particularly excited about doing anything, in fact, the only thing I want to do is sort of hibernate. I’m struggling my way through towards the end of this draft of Brass, but have lost my mojo a little. It feels like such an extraordinarily high mountain to climb and I’ve lost all objectivity.

I went to the cafe. It was bustling, but no one said anything of any great interest. I came home and spent the afternoon and evening curled up on the sofa writing, with the telly on in the background as my friend!

That is genuinely about as interesting as it gets. As the evening draws on I’m feeling worse and worse, and increasingly ratty, so it’s probably best that I make a dive for my bed and stop whinging! Bring out the hot Ribena!

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