Saturday, 16 November 2013

Green flag

Last night Llio and I went to see the The London Vocal Project performing at The Forge in Camden. LVP are a sort of jazz choir. They perform a wide range of material from African-inspired gospel music through to epic jazz sound worlds. They were performing last night with an amazing Italian chap called Albert Hera who led the choir in the most fascinating piece of improvisation with shades of minimalism. Hera has a remarkable voice with at least a three octave range, but he's also capable of singing multi-phonics, two or more notes at once. He sails around the space singing little cells of music to certain members of the choir who then sing the music back, and the texture slowly builds. It was quite a remarkable feat of listening on behalf of the choir. Singers aren't necessarily famous for their aural skills. I have seldom seen a choir concentrate so intently but simultaneously look like they're having so much fun. It was a treat to see them.

On the way home, Llio's car broke down on Kentish Town High Street and we had to call out the Green Flag people. There was an overwhelming stench of petrol and the car simply ground to a halt. The fumes forced us to get out of the car and stand on the freezing street, shivering.

I have to say that the Green Flag people responded with remarkable speed and efficiency, and within 20 minutes they'd shown up, fixed the car, and followed Llio all the way up to the A1 to see that she was okay.

I had a long lie-in today and then did absolutely nothing! Nothing at all. Well, I went for a run. It's the first day I've done nothing at all for what feels like forever. I could get rather used to this!

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  1. Thank you Benjamin, I hope to see you again. A big Hug. AH