Thursday, 14 November 2013


I feel like I’ve been struggling a little bit through today. I’m obviously a little stressed and a bit over-wrought. I’ve developed a rash on my foot, my glands are up, I’m clearing my throat a lot, and my voice is getting very tired when I talk.

It’s all a horrible echo of what happened a couple of years ago when I needed surgery to have a polyp removed. There’s no way I’d ever go through that operation again, so I guess all I can do is try to keep as quiet as possible, and try not to mumble the words I’m writing on Brass out loud as I write them. I find it almost impossible not to, because it enables me to get into the minds of the characters, but it’s not doing me much good.

My computer (as ever) is playing up. It’s not allowing me to send emails this evening, which is just fabulous.

To cap off a rather stressful day, my back keeps going into spasm, which hasn’t been a lot of fun. Still, on the bright side, I’ve definitely kick-started my health and fitness regime, and have been running every day for the last two weeks.

We went to Philip Sallon’s house last night for an impromptu birthday party. As ever, his front room was filled with the most peculiar assortment of people, from famous actors and comedians to trannies, barefooted bongo players, wannabe pop stars, and drug-damaged ghosts from the early 1980s. Boy George was there, looking incredibly thin, and surprisingly well, and I made a few new friends, which was lovely. I did, however, feel somewhat under-dressed. There was a lot of Vivienne Westwood being paraded around the space, and people had made a huge effort to look glamorous and exciting, hardly surprising, really, given Philip’s status as a doyenne of 20th Century fashion. I was wearing a horrible T-shirt which looked like velour and clung to my body in all sorts of unflattering shapes. One of my goals for 2014 is to drape my newly sylph-like body in nicer clothes!

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