Thursday, 16 January 2014

Eton Mess

We're in West Kensington in a terrible rain storm, driving home from Philip and Daryl's house, where we were fed a delicious chick pea curry and a glorious Eton Mess. The company was rather lovely to boot. We watched the opening of this year's Golden Globes on You Tube, and planned Nathan and Philip's joint 40th birthday party in July. We're all turning 40. We can't stop it from happening. We're lemmings slowly marching to the edge of a cliff. At least my friends are suffering the same fate; facing the misery together.

I spent another day at Archie's office in Kentish Town, this time without Nathan, who was teaching at Urdang Drama School. He's been invited to run "acting through song," classes, and by all accounts  he's really rather brilliant at it.

We're almost being engulfed by paper work. We still have a huge amount to do before heading off to the Caribbean and yet, so much to do we're really only able to tackle one day at a time. Take tonight, for example, before turning in, we have a pitch to finesse! I spend every spare five minutes working on Brass. I've two separate trips to Manchester to make before we leave - the first on Sunday - and all manner of meetings about all manner of projects in the meantime.

The good news is that my first post-40 commission has come in. The gorgeous Fleet Singers have altered the timescale for the project I was worried about last week. I won't announce the nature of the commission on this blog just yet; I think that's something the choir itself should get to do, but suffice to say it's suitably North London/ Hampstead Heathy, and will involve the choir, a soloist and strings. #inmyelement!

After a slightly shaky start, this year has slowly started slotting into place.

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