Friday, 3 January 2014

Pretty Haworth

The new symptom of this ludicrous virus is blocked up ears, which have made everything a bit swimmy and echoey.

We were up early this morning, and on the road to Yorkshire by 10am. The journey was smooth and pleasant enough, but for the eerie sight of a jack-knifed lorry on the M1 in Northamptonshire. Twitter is a marvellous thing, and we quickly ascertained that the driver of said lorry had walked away from the accident with no injuries. No nightmares for me tonight...

We dropped Nathan off in Wakefield and then Cindy and I drove on to Haworth, home of the Brontes and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Note to all blog readers: when showing a spiritual American around this stunning country of ours, don't forget to factor in a visit to Haworth! Cindy absolutely loved the place. She loved the views, the crazy little shops, the tea rooms, the old-school apothecary, the history, the smell of wood smoke in the air... She even loved the piped guitar musak they were playing in the parish church, which I thought was a little too much!

I managed soup for lunch without the gripes returning, and a second soup for tea back in Wakefield after watching Nathan in the panto being even more epically brilliant than he was the last time I saw him. He looked a little tired afterwards however. 3 shows a day and a whole heap of make-up have slightly taken their toll. He just asked me to tell him honestly if his voice sounded like it was at the end of a panto run. "Not at all" I said, "just your face!" We laughed.

Cindy was a panto virgin. I've no idea why the Americans have no concept of the art form. They know all the fairy stories and love big songs, camp dances and slightly grotesque caricatures. It was amusing to hear the things that she particularly enjoyed (mostly the things that were unfamiliar to her.) Top of the list was the pantomime cow which she couldn't stop talking about!

Anyway. It's an early start tomorrow and a very full day, so it's probably time for bed.

We just watched Pretty Woman on the telly. I haven't seen it since it came out. I remember going with a group of girls to the cinema to watch it. We looked up the date that the film was released and I was quite surprised... What do you think? Go on, take a guess, think what you were doing around the time you saw it, and then spool down to see the answer...

(I would have said mid 80s!)

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