Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Trade winds

We drove up the A1 to Huntingdon first thing this morning for a rehearsal with Lisa and Mark's event company, Creative Team Events. We're all off in nine days time, to the Dominican Republic of all places, to work on a conference. I'd like to pretend to be all cool and say how going to the Caribbean will all be in a day's work for a man of my extraordinary talents, but I'm not cool; I'm desperately excited about the trip, I can't wait to sit under a palm tree, and I am more than a little grateful to Lisa and Mark for offering me this gig!

Lisa started talking about trade winds today, and I was instantly transported to my childhood, and the local drama group, where we once learned a song about Trade Winds. I didn't know what a trade wind was at the time, but it sounded hugely romantic. Since that date I've always longed to experience one, but never been lucky enough to visit the right sort of places. I'm also rather grateful to my brother, who, knowing I was heading to the Dominican Republic, gave me some spending money for the trip. I can't remember off hand what the local currency is called, but it's full of zeros, so I expect to feel like a millionaire!

It was a fun rehearsal and we laughed a great deal. I shall very much enjoy hanging out with the team out there.

Afterwards, Lisa took us to her local village pub for a halloumi and hummus sandwich and a bowl of twice, possibly thrice-cooked chips, which almost melted in the mouth. But God, I love halloumi. I've actually got a mate from Northern Cyprus whose surname is Halloumi because her family were the local cheese makers there. She maintains that it should be eaten raw. I think it's nicer grilled or fried.

We came home from Huntingdon and went straight into central London for a meeting about a film which may or may not happen and about which I dare say no more...

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