Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tired please

Another exhausting day, spent at my friend Archie's office in Kentish Town, fine-tuning the pitch we've been developing over the last few days.

Poor Nathan has a terrible sore throat and a stinking cold, but has soldiered through the day manfully. It strikes me that absolutely everybody is ill at the moment. Everyone I speak to seems to have some sort of terrible cold of a ghastly gastric nature. For the first time in ages I feel positively robust! I reckon that gives me about two days before my own symptoms start!

We left the office at 7 and came home almost dead on our feet, realising there was still work to be done. A quick bath, a plate of food, some washing up, twenty emails, another squizz at our pitch and the writing of a chorus for one of the remaining songs from Brass later and we were just about finished. But by then it was 11pm, and almost time for bed. We're watching the Comic Relief Bake Off on iplayer to wind down!

We've just heard an explosion in the street outside, which Nathan maintains was a lorry hitting a bump in the road. I'm not so sure. The house shook, and we've heard four sirens going past in quick succession since. I hope everyone's okay.

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