Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank noliday

I doubt there can be anything more depressing than sitting alone in an empty house on a rainy bank holiday with a stinking cold! Nathan has gone to France to have his tattoo finished and I am trying to recuperate.

As a special treat I took myself to the local Sainsbury but they'd run out of bread and to make matters worse, the rain was so dreadful as I walked there that I became instantly soaked to the skin. What is it about bank holidays in the UK? I eventually found two bread roles which became  soaking wet on my journey home, so lunch tasted and felt as wet as I did!

There is of course nothing on the telly to distract me. In fact, if I have to watch another advert with Nicole Scherzinger laughing coquettishly with a blob of yoghurt on her nose, I'll drive a rusty fork into my right thigh! I think the advert where she casually destroys a Greek temple is the most irritating of the series. Frankly I'm looking forward to the one where they use the blob of yoghurt on the end of her nose as target practice. Slag.

Later in the day I got under the duvet  and basically fell asleep, waking up periodically to look at a tweet, talk to Nathan in France or vomit. Yes, I had a little spate of vomiting which wasn't entirely pleasant, especially when it splashed back in my face. Too much information?

I'm ending the day obsessively watching programmes about Kate Bush on iPlayer. I write a great deal about my love of ABBA, and not so much about my love and absolute respect for the great Ms Bush. That said, I went through a month-long period a few years ago when every blog title was a reference  to a Kate Bush lyric. She's a genius. Beyond genius, really...

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