Friday, 22 August 2014

Second performance

We had our second night of Brass tonight, which was rather poorly attended; a fact I find deeply frustrating. A big news day in Bradford meant we narrowly missed out on BBC TV coverage yesterday, which would have got the word out and pretty much assured us of decent houses. Of course, if the houses are quiet, the cast begins to think the show isn't going as well as it has on previous performances. The truth being, it was a very good show which very much built on the levels that were set last night. Some of the cast were quite spectacular. It goes without saying that there were a few second night jitters; a couple of lyrics could have been spit out a little more clearly, and a follow spot operator plunged poor Laura into darkness in the middle of her big song, but I was overall incredibly happy. I subsequently found out that poor Laura had bashed her head on a lamp backstage and couldn't remember being on stage for the majority of act two! Slightly worrying...

Anyway, the lack of audiences tonight has made me convinced that we need to bring Brass down to London, so that reviewers and bigger audiences can appreciate everyone's amazing work. At the moment they're all at the Edinburgh festival. Get down to Leeds you sods! See something classy!

I woke up this morning feeling decidedly dodgy. I didn't get enough sleep, and had a couple of meetings this morning which I had to get out of bed for. We had breakfast with Meriel in the market, and then a meeting with the BBC about a potential telly project up in this neck of the woods.

I returned to the theatre and fell asleep on the floor of the stalls. I'm basically wiped out! I didn't even have the energy to walk down Briggate to Marks and Spencer's! I'm sure it's nothing that a good night's sleep won't sort out.

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