Tuesday, 19 August 2014

One day more

I think today was perhaps the most challenging of all days on Brass, largely because I'm now juggling so many different balls that my head has started to cave in.

I'm simultaneously frantically emailing mates at the BBC to try and secure some publicity for the show whilst being in the slightly unenviable situation of having to make large cuts to the orchestrations of the in order to meet the very specific acoustic challenges of the venue. Time constraints mean that I'm having to make the cuts based on hearing the songs just once in the space so the pressure is beyond intense. I'm desperately trying to carry out the work with a big smile on my face, but worry that the smile isn't quite reaching my eyes! Of course, at the same time I'm also having to keep my eye on the show's book, but those with a primary interest in the script tend to want to talk to me when the songs are happening, which is, of course, when my other hat is on, so I feel torn into little pieces!

The main problem is that I don't have an assistant, or a supervisor or anyone I can actually talk to, or whinge to when people like Nathan and Philippa are not about. That sounds tragic doesn't it? I'm just knackered. Everyone's knackered.

Of course all of this will pale into insignificance by the end of tomorrow when we'll have performed a beautiful piece of theatre which will make everyone laugh and cry and think and dream. The cast are sensational. Genuinely. They come alive when the band begins to play and make me beam with pride.

On that note, I'm off to bed, or more precisely I'm off to watch a programme which looks at whether a vegetarian diet is better for a person. Obviously I'm hoping the answer will be a resounding yes! One of the talking heads experts has just suggested that a vegetarian can expect to live five years longer than a meat eater. Get in! I'm not sure all vegetarians eat as much cheese as me, but I guess being a non-drinking, non-smoking vegetarian goes some way to counter-balance the high level of stress associated with my occupation!

That said, I'm drinking a whiskey tonight. My good mate Ted gave me a bottle for my birthday. It's really peaty and smooth and it's going down a treat!

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