Friday, 5 June 2015


The weather's been so peculiar today. It's very hot, but rain in the night turned everything muggy. At the osteopath this morning I was covered permanently in a layer of light sweat. I had to keep towelling myself down with tissue paper. I felt like a wet dog.

I spoke to Nathan on the phone; "this is your least favourite weather isn't it?" He said. "No" I said "to be my least favourite weather, it would need to start drizzling so that I couldn't tell what was sweat and what was rain." Just as I said those very words, it started to rain. Joy!

Still, it brightened up a treat for the rest of the day, along with my mood, when I discovered that the wonderful Philip Carne of the Richard Carne foundation has agreed to commission the first stage of writing of my new musical, which is really very exciting. I shan't say too much about the storyline. What I can say is that it's set in Liverpool and Coventry in 1965, and that it's called Em. I'm hoping that's the shortest ever title for a musical! It's also going to offer the musical theatre canon its largest role for a young female! I cannot express my gratitude to Philip (for the second time in as many blogs) because it means I don't have to take myself to the job centre on Monday morning to get work as a bin man! Genuinely! So it's a happy man who writes this blog tonight.

There's not a lot else to say. Watch this space for some potentially exciting news on Sunday...

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