Thursday, 4 June 2015

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Today we launched the CD of Brass, so, before I forget to mention it, do feel free to buy yourself a copy on the National Youth Music Theatre website @! It's fab.

If you can't afford to buy a copy (all proceeds go to the mega-important NYMT bursaries fund for less privileged young performers) check out one of our two films at:


If you're feeling in the mood, watch them a couple of times, and that all-important view-o-meter will continue to rise!

Plug done!

So, the day started at shit o'clock with a live interview on BBC Radio Leeds. It was one of those interviews where you wake up all bleary-eyed and suddenly have to sound all perky so that listeners don't think you're a recovering heroin addict. I don't know who I spoke to, but she was very chipper, and played an excerpt from On the Shelf, which surprised me a little because I thought they might have gone for something a bit more up-tempo and Yorkshire-centric. Still, it was nice to hear it playing out on the radio...

The morning was spent taking one final look at the script before sending it out to producers and such in the early afternoon.

I dropped Nathan off at the dentist on the way to the gym and picked him up again to discover he needed route canal work, which is apparently going to cost us huge sums of money. Our financial situation just gets more and more ludicrous. It's highly stressful, but we keep on keeping on...

The NYMT students, whom I keep wanting to refer to as the Kids From Fame, have been busy tweeting all day, telling the world about Brass. And they were telling the world... For a three hour period in the afternoon the show was the fifth most talked about thing world wide on Twitter.

We decided to duck out of London in the mid afternoon and took ourselves to Thaxted, which looked idyllic bathed in beautiful sunlight. We had tea in the pub and then went for a glorious evening walk across the fields as the sun set. The birds were chirping for England, and all the verges were full of flowers; buttercups, celandine, cowslips, cow parsley. It struck me how lucky I am to have links to such a beautiful part of the world and furthermore how quintessentially "English summer's day" everything seemed.

This evening we went to see Stuart and Sally, friends of my parents and fellow team members in the North Essex quiz circuit. Their house is so beautiful. It's a ramshackle medieval town house on Newbiggen Street, which runs through the centre of the town, and, I'm told, is the longest unbroken medieval street in Europe, which surely makes it the longest in the world?

Their garden is particularly delightful, with a big old wooden barn hanging over it from the house next door, plenty of established trees and hedges, and a chicken coop with five hens. They grow tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and fruit (including nectarines) and I could really imagine myself living there.

We played games all evening and laughed continuously. I haven't belly laughed a great deal of late and it felt so good to be doing so!

We walked home through the darkened streets of the town, admiring the stunning church, and taking deep gulps of the richly-scented evening air. It's a beautiful place, Thaxted.

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