Monday, 1 June 2015

Post Brass regime

I spent the day today attempting to get my life back into shape after the mayhem of Brass. I spent a long time in the gym, started a wheat-free regime, cut out all sweet stuff and fizzy drinks in favour of fresh fruit and vegetables, and am determined to walk everywhere for a bit! I look like a bloated whale right now. In two months I'll be sylph-like and gorgeous with bright, shiny eyes, so watch this space. I don't want a heart attack just yet if I can possibly help it!

The rest of the day was spent working on the twelfth draft of Brass, whilst making contact with the various producers and theatres I'm hoping might be interested in reading it. It's all about striking whilst the iron's hot; capitalising on the growing buzz about the show. My gut instinct was always that the script needed to be ready at the same time as the album, and this was somewhat bailed out today by one of the producers I contacted asking if he could have the script by Friday.

I'm trying to write all my cover letters in long hand, old-school-like. The only problem is that it appears I've forgotten how to write! My handwriting has always verged on the illegible, but today, the scrawl might as well have been the product of a spider roller skating across the page with paint spattered wheels!

Nathan is reading the latest draft late into the night so that his notes are with me by tomorrow, for one final pass of the script before it goes out to everyone on Wednesday, which is also our official release day.

The cast, and those who were present yesterday, are still saying lovely things about their experiences of the show and how much it's meant to them over the past year and a half. I feel very proud, and hope they will always look back on the world of Brass as glorious, halcyon days.

We had soup for tea and I'm still hungry. I think I may be hungry for a few weeks whilst my body settles into this new fitness regime. Being healthy is a bit boring isn't it?!

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