Friday, 4 December 2015

Endless book

We've been working on the script of Beyond the Fence today. Dialogue is one of the parts of this process where there's been considerably less computer activity. Readers of this blog (particularly those who write for a living) will probably be relieved to hear that computers can't yet write dialogue. To my knowledge, there are no teams of academics focussing on that particular aspect of computational creativity.

An edict has come from above telling us that the show needs to be two hours long, so we're having to trim it a little bit. We've already cut a scene and an entire song, but I'm still wondering if the show's running a bit too long. It's difficult to gauge. If the cast crack on with their lines and don't get all indulgent with the text, then we'll probably be okay!

We went to the gym this evening. I've started a health and fitness regime. The ludicrousness of the last few months has turned me into a giant beach ball, so, to avoid a heart attack or being too fat to get out of my front door, I thought it might be time to take the bull by the horns. It's salad and soup for most meals and five kilometres a day on the treadmill.

There's little else to say other than that keen-eyed Facebook users will notice I've put a post up asking my female friends what the most horrifying and undignified things are that regularly happen to them. I'm wondering if I can use some kind of computer process to fling the thoughts together as part of one of the musical's lyrics! What I would say is that, after reading the comments people are leaving, I'm rather pleased not to be a woman. It strikes me they have an awful time: beyond misogyny and inequality, there's all sorts of oft-un-discussed physical nonsense from childbirth to seepage which most men would probably struggle to comprehend! And here was me thinking hairy backs and dodgy prostates were as bad as it gets!

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