Monday, 7 December 2015

stay safe

We had a bit of a lie in and then spent the late morning working on the script for Beyond the Fence. I still can't quite get used to calling it by that name. The show's working title was Green Gate and my head hasn't entirely managed to move on!

We were working on the end sequence, trying to cut sequences and tidy bits up. The last but one song in the piece is the most troubling song in the show. We are struggling like mad to make it work. It seems computers don't much want to help us with that song. Sometimes they're like that. We once met a computer system which drew portraits of people based on the mood it was in after reading a randomly selected news story. Sometimes it decided it was too depressed to draw at all. Readers won't be at all surprised to learn that it was too depressed to draw when it was my turn to sit for it!

Brother Edward and Sascha came over this evening to watch the results shows and catch up on gossip. They're off to Marrakesh, lucky bastards, and then South Africa. It was so lovely to see them up on our patch. Usually we're down their way on a Sunday night. I'm secretly hoping that they'll think about moving to these parts one day.

It's been a horribly rainy night in London, though nothing compared to what they've been experiencing in Cumbria. My mate Becky, who lives in Keswick, keeps posting apocalyptic photographs on Facebook of flood barriers being breached and bridges being swept into angry looking rivers. It's mayhem up there.

Well anyway, I hope everyone reading this blog is safe tonight and that, if Desmond the storm is anywhere close to you, it doesn't cause you too many problems.

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