Saturday, 12 December 2015


There's not a lot to say about yesterday other than that I got hugely frustrated with work and then with the world around me. At one point I was in Cafe Nero, or some such, in Muswell Hill, surrounded by nincompoops. The woman on my right sounded like Waynetta Slob, the child opposite would not stop staring at me and the two Asian girls on my left were talking about how unlucky in love they both were and attributing their misfortune to the fact that they always talk to boyfriends in the same way as they talk to gay men, which confuses them. I'll say! Actually, it became quite a refreshing conversation when one of them started talking obsessively about the rapport she has with gay men. Part of me felt like saying "seriously? ALL gay men? Are we a species?" But then I thought it was so great that someone from the Asian community was talking in this way, that I decided she'd been sent to irritate me whilst I work for a reason: namely that gay men are on a fast track to universal acceptance.

Of course, as if to turn this statement on its head, I heard this morning, that two louts had rushed up to one of my friends and screamed "faggot" in his face, which is tediously 1980s. It's terrifying to think that people still think and behave like that. I personally think the only way to irradiate this sort of behaviour is to get people like that arrested. They'll soon learn...

...Then I found out that another close friend's cat had been mauled to death by a greyhound. She 'phoned me this morning in a terrible state and my heart broke for her.

...Then I got a text from another friend, who told me she was in the Star Wars film! I was going up and down like a yoyo!

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