Sunday, 16 September 2012


It's brother Edward's 40th birthday and on the stroke of midnight last night all of his guests threw themselves into the swimming pool in unison. There followed a series of relay races on lilos, which were amongst the funniest things I've ever experienced. 

We came to St Antonio today, which is the hedonistic part of Ibiza. You can't move for clubs. Paradis. Eden. Fabulush. Perhaps unsurprisingly there are Brits everywhere. All the little street vendors sell red top newspapers, all signs are in English, and the streets are full of lads from Sheffield and Hertfordshire. I saw a young girl in a bikini earlier with full evening make-up on, right down to a pair of false eye-lashes. There was something vaguely tragic about the sight. 

St Antonio is not a world that I feel particularly comfortable in. At midnight tonight, this place will turn into hell on earth. Guaranteed! 

We went on a sensational boat trip to Es Vedra, an uninhibited rock off the coast of Ibiza, which is meant to have mystical magnetic properties, famed in legend as the home of sirens. It is stunningly beautiful, although I was deeply disappointed that no one's watch went bonkers. 

The rock surges dramatically out of the water and the boat played music as it floated in a circle around it. For most of the time we were treated to excerpts from Nyman's The Piano. It fitted the occasion perfectly, particularly the moment we hit an acoustic pocket, where the sound of birds calling from a ledge on the cliff face was amplified ten fold. 

As we drifted away from the rock, they played Dancing Queen and everyone on the boat joined in, singing and dancing. 

A few minutes later, the boat dropped its anchor so that anyone who wanted to could dive into the sea. The adrenaline buzz I got from leaping off the top of a boat into the Med was astonishing. Nathan got stung by a jelly fish in three places, but was a brave soldier. 

We've finished the day in the famous Cafe del Mar at sunset, which is apparently THE place to be in Ibiza. It's a charming spot overlooking the sea, although not the most relaxing vibe in the world. From where I'm sitting I can hear three different musical tracks, which are clashing horribly!

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