Monday, 17 September 2012

Feeding frenzy

It's been a particularly relaxing day. I should have done some work on the Requiem, but recorded a set of composer's notes at Cafe del Mar last night, so felt a day off in the sunshine was in order. 

We went to the beach where a school of about 20 fish decided to nibble my toes, which was a decidedly bizarre experience. I guess you pay loads of money for this kind of experience in those new age health spa places, but I kept wondering if there'd suddenly be a feeding frenzy, which resulted in my crawling out of the water with nothing but stumps for legs, whilst everyone else ran out of the water screaming. 

I allowed myself the luxury of listening to the Gradual and Tract  from my requiem as I paddled in the shallows. I felt proud and excited. 

This afternoon I lay on a lilo in the swimming pool, the low sun warming my face, my eyes closed, whilst ABBA played on a portable iplayer. I suspect I've never felt quite that relaxed. 

This evening we're going back to Ibiza town; a charming place with a very beautiful old town, which towers above the island majestically. I'm trying to convince my mother to buy a top that she fell in love with when we were last there.  She's not sure she can afford it...

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