Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another all nighter

For the first time in my two-and-a-half year blogging history, I find myself without the time to write an entry this evening. I’m actually preparing myself for an all-nighter. I spent the day amending the shot-list that Jonathan and I went over with a fine-tooth comb yesterday and tonight’s task is inputting them into two full scores. I started this process at 7.30pm this evening and I’m presently at shot 83 out of 400, which by my calculations means I’ve another 12 hours of work to do! The score needs to be sent out tomorrow morning in order to reach the lovely lady, Gemma, who’ll be calling the live event. As the Americans would say... you do the math!

Right, I’m gonna dash. I reckon I’ve two hours in me, I reckon, before I start making stupid mistakes. Wish me luck... And feel free to email in the night. I’m not going to bed in a hurry!

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