Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Farewell to Ibiza

We went to Ibiza town last night, which is beautiful after dark, particularly the area within the impressive city walls, where gorgeous ramshackle streets snake their way in upward spirals. Palm trees and bougainvillea plants poke over walls. Freshly washed linen hangs over the street from Juliet balconies. The whole area is like a beautifully lit film set. Hundreds of little tables with neat white tablecloths spill onto the cobbled pavements from cavernous tavernas and tapas bars. Street musicians play the Gypsy Kings. Children, still awake at midnight, chase giant soap bubbles created by hippies wearing tie-dyed tunics.

We were back there tonight, exploring the gay part of town; a long ancient cobbled causeway lined with bars, cafes and shops selling sparkly speedos, which stretches from the old town to a little vantage point above the harbour, where gentlemen go to "chat" to other gentlemen. 

It's a beautiful, buzzing part of town, filled with all sorts of intriguing people wearing all sorts of bizarre items of clothing.

We sat outside a fabulous restaurant called La Gatto e la Volpe, which serves a mixture of Italian and Spanish food. The atmosphere was electric and the food was stunning.

We're now back at the airport in a queue of people waiting for the Easy Jet flight to Luton. It is boiling hot. Everyone seems subdued. They're all nursing hangovers from their last nights in the world of clubbing. "I wonder how much chlamydia there is in this queue?" asks Nathan. Probably a great deal more than there was on the flight over...

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