Saturday, 29 December 2012

Grinding to a halt

I have sort of ground to a halt. I spoke to Fiona in Texas today, who is similarly inert. I think it’s just the end of the year blues. Too much food. Too much excess. Too much driving. Too much conversation. The body is pumping trans-fats, and lack of energy breeds lack of energy.

I got all panicky at the thought of going to the shop downstairs for a loaf of bread. I am perfectly content on the sofa today, sending emails and watching telly. I even saw the start of a Carry On film! That really is an indication of not being able to move!!

There’s genuinely nothing else to say. I am wracking my brains. There’s little in the news, other than that Kate Bush has just become a CBE, which I find thrilling. I don’t know what I think about 23 year-old athletes becoming dames. I understand that they gave us great pleasure this summer, and won the greatest award it’s possible to win in their field, but surely the dame-hood comes when they’ve dedicated the rest of their lives to charity? Kate Winslett is not a dame after winning an Oscar and receiving countless more nominations. A dame-hood is surely the recognition of a life’s work?  

Anyway, I’m plainly not setting the world on fire with this blog... If I had the energy I’d make some tomatoes on toast... but I don’t. If I had the energy, I’d care!


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