Saturday, 22 December 2012

The driving rain

I just received my first negative comment for the 100 Faces project, which was posted on my YouTube channel. "Who did this” wrote John Watson, “Reeves and Mortimer, surely this is a spoof...” I took the comment down. I don’t really understand what it means, and it’s too badly punctuated to be featured alongside my work. I’m also not aware that Reeves and Mortimer were known for their black and white musical films about the aging process. Frankly, I’m only prepared to allow negative comments to be seen which show a degree of thought or wit. It’s my own channel. I can do what I like!

The day’s been spent running pre-Christmas errands in the driving rain. I think if it rains any more, England will become a series of Islands. I feel desperately sorry for the people who are trying to get home for Christmas. I may well be joining them in a puddle on my way to Wales tomorrow night! The images from the South West are painful; shops with Christmas presents and decorations floating down the aisles. I don’t really know what the answer in all of this is. With most situations, we can blame the government, or send in the army, but we’re absolutely helpless when it comes to the weather.

My day took me to Kentish Town, where I had to send out 4 more requiem CDs which were ordered this morning. I had photos to develop and mount board to buy, and it all seemed to take rather a long time. I found myself in Iceland at the end of the day trying to buy a veggie burger for tea. You can always tell when a shop isn’t designed for your sort when the tiny fridge with vegetarian food inside is being used as a shelf for Capri Sun!

On my way home, whilst writing a tweet, I walked into a lamppost, which was mortifying and more than a little painful. Smack bang into the thing I went. The person walking behind me didn’t seem to want to acknowledge what had happened, which made the situation all the more embarrassing.

Right, I must get on. We’re sprucing up the house for Christmas. I don’t know why it feels so important to arrive back to a nice clean house after the festivities, but it does...

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