Monday, 17 December 2012

Yuletide tidy

It's a bit of a late blog delivery tonight for no other reason than that a day of R and R can lead to hard core inertia! 

We spent the morning giving our house a pre-Christmas spruce up, and now it's a shining beacon of cleanliness and Yuletide joy! The tree is up. There are fairy lights and tinsel wreaths on our mantle piece and everything is clean and tidy. 

We went to Brent Cross after lunch and walked like zombies around John Lewis with half of North London by all accounts. Nathan immediately got shopping tummy and went into a panic, but I managed to ignore him for long enough to get a fair amount of Christmas shopping done, whilst slowly turning into the Grinch as my blood sugar levels started crashing.,,

We survived the experience, and a dreadful traffic jam on the North Circular, and returned home to eat pizza and watch the BBC sports personality of the year award. 

Am I the only one who's really bored of the games makers? It seems no one can talk about the Olympics without feeling the need to thank them, and a whole host of them suddenly appearing in their silly orange and purple shirts whilst cheering like imbeciles. Now, I didn't have a lot to do with the Olympics, but the only time I was helped by one, he managed to put me on the wrong train and waste about 2 hours of my day! 

Right. Time for bed. Although first I'm going to watch the divine Nigella Lawson making a few cakes! 

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