Monday, 24 December 2012

Round the Wrekin

We're in Shrewsbury, heading back to North Essex for the second part of Christmas, which involves swapping Nathan's family for mine. 

Today was pretty much as all Christmas Eves should be. We watched a film about Santa, an episode of Deal or No Deal, played with a Rubix cube, and then pottered into Shrewsbury...

We had one more Christmas present to buy, but arrived in the town after most of the shops had closed. It was raining pretty miserably as well, but fortunately enough of the chains were open for us to buy what we needed.

Nathan's family's big Christmas Eve tradition is going out for a meal at Pizza Hut. I joined them for the first time last year and felt privileged to be with them for a second time. I'm a proper sucker for an annual routine! Everyone wears Christmas hats. It's all very jolly. 

And so, as we steam our way past the Wrekin, it's time for me to wish you all a very pleasant and peaceful Christmas. May Santa bring you all you long for, and if you're feeling lonely, be brave enough to head to a local pub, or phone or write a letter to that friend you've been meaning to contact for some time. Love to you all. Benjamin. 

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