Sunday, 23 December 2012

North London to North Wales

I'm in Penley in North Wales, with a red and orange snake wrapped around my neck. I've never held a proper snake before. He's cold and smooth and I like him rather a lot. My only issue is that he eats mice. Nasty, messy business... He's currently sitting very happily on my belly under my jumper. Sweet. Bit odd? 

The drive up here was long, but trouble-free. We saw Nathan's father and step family for lunch in North London and are now hanging out with four generations from his mother's side. 

There have been games, quizzes, tonnes of food, and now we're talking about constrictor snakes sizing up their victims by lying out straight beside them. Apparently they'll only take on prey if they're longer than them... So if your six foot long snake stretches itself out next to you on the sofa, it's time to make a run for it, or find a couple of large rats... Not one like Cas the rat, obviously! Go for a wild one! 

We've just tried some fake snow. It's meant to be a magical experience. Simply put a pile of white granuals on a plate, add water and hey presto... A weird mushy mess which looks nothing like snow! I love Christmas!

350 years ago Pepys had just returned from a long horse ride to Woolwich with Lord Coventry which made him cold, but deeply excited to have been hobnobbing with a man of Coventry's standing. 

Lord Sandwich left London to spend Christmas in Huntingdonshire and gave  Pepys strict instructions to  speak to his maid Sarah, who'd been outed as an alcoholic. Sandwich liked the woman so decided to offer her one more chance to dry herself out! Tough times. 

I'm holding a snake!  

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